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Case studies

We regularly engage in new case studies and collaborative projects with our customers and partners. This is how we collaboratively learn to develop the best customer solutions.

The case studies listed on this page are a non-exhaustive list, and they are published here as pure illustration of how our technologies and customer solutions have been deployed in different contexts. We would be glad to provide more details that are not confidential or sensitive, and assist you in building your own custom monitoring solutions.

Monitoring the Seine (Paris, FR)

To make the Seine River swimmable for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the City of Paris embarked on a €1.4B Swimming Plan and partnered with Fluidion for water quality management. Using ALERT Systems, Fluidion is successfully establishing a comprehensive dataset on the river's bacterial levels, and monitors water quality impacts of storm events, evaluates treatment initiatives, and provides scientific reports on factors affecting water quality. Their involvement supports Paris's goal of opening the Seine for public swimming by 2025.

Lake Chelan monitoring (WA state)

Lake Chelan is a pristine lake in the mountains of WA state, but facing challenges and pressures from development and tourism. Using the ALERT System has allowed the Lake Chelan Research Institute and the Washington Sea Grant to assess the impact of installing boat sewage pump-out stations at the marinas, and demonstrate excellent water quality in the lake year-round. 

Online Monitoring of Drinking Water Nitrification in Los Angeles

The e-CHEM analyzer provides valuable insights into water quality. It was customized for a customer requiring early warning of nitrification in remote tanks and online monitoring of key parameters such as: nitrite concentrations, total chlorine, pH, tank height, and ambient temperature.

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