Fluidion Drone

Take your environmental monitoring to the next level! The Fluidion® Drone is a leap forward in portable, remotely operated water analysis technology. It is designed to sample and provide water quality data in challenging aquatic environments.

Elevate Your Monitoring Game

Versatile: The Fluidion® Drone is a remote-controlled water analysis tool that performs a wide range of measurements in real time and collects samples for rapid microbiology assessments.

Complete: With on-board GPS and compass for precise positioning, an ultrasonic depth sensor, and an optional depth profiler, the drone enables detailed water quality investigations, including in the subsurface.


Robust: With a solid construction, four hours of continuous operation, a two-kilometer range, and the ability to adapt to a variety of aquatic environments, the drone is ready for demanding field work.

Powerful: Using real-time GPS-tagged sensor data, the Fluidion® Drone can create complete pollution maps and guide complex water sampling operations, simplifying environmental analysis.


  • Environmental

    Water, the lifeblood of our planet, requires vigilant protection. The challenge lies in the complexity of monitoring diverse aquatic environments - from small waterways to the vastness of the oceans. What's more, extreme environmental conditions and lack of infrastructure make the task impossible or very costly. That's where advanced technology plays a key role, providing innovative, automated and IoT-connected solutions. These tools provide continuous, accurate data that drives timely and effective strategies to study and protect our waters.

  • Recreational Water

    Natural waters can be a hub for fun, recreation and sports. Ensuring their safety is critical, as microbial contaminants can pose serious public health risks. Traditional water testing methods often struggle to provide timely and continuous monitoring. Implementing advanced, automated technology not only enhances monitoring programs, but also helps to identify and mitigate potential hazards in a timely manner, ensuring that our recreational waters remain safe and enjoyable for all.

  • Drinking Water

    Access to drinking water is a major global issue, supported by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Providing safe drinking water involves a number of steps - collection from groundwater, surface water or recycled sources, treatment and disinfection, storage and distribution. This task is fraught with challenges, especially the need to comply with stringent regulations and the inherent complexity of water treatment processes. New-age automated monitoring technologies are helping to ensure water safety, facilitating real-time analysis and improving decision-making.

  • Oceanography

    Oceanography is the study of the oceans, their physical properties, chemical composition, biological life, and geological makeup. It is a vast and complex field of study, and it is essential to our understanding of the Earth system and its climate. It helps us to understand how the oceans interact with the atmosphere, how they regulate the Earth's temperature, and how they are affected by climate change. To effectively navigate this vast field, researchers rely on advanced instrumentation. This instrumentation allows them to conduct detailed microbiological analysis, precise sampling, and thorough ecosystem mapping. From the shimmering coastal areas to the mysterious oceanic depths, having the right tools is essential to unraveling the many layers of our oceans and ensuring a full understanding of their ever-evolving dynamics.

Why the Fluidion Drone ?



‣ Navigate with precision with integrated GPS and compass, water depth sensing, and real-time video feed.


‣ Accelerate operations with powerful thrusters for rapid deployment in lakes, rivers and coastal waters.


‣ Accurately measure a wide range of parameters including microbiology, chemistry, and physical properties with advanced on-board tools.


‣ Facilitate in-depth studies with an optional depth profiler for measurements and sampling at varying depths.


‣ Customize the Fluidion® Drone into a multi-functional instrument that adapts to your specific aquatic monitoring needs.


At Fluidion we strongly believe that technology has a key role to play in our strategy toward a sustainable planet. The choice of the Fluidion Drone means a direct approach to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


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