Fluidion technology is revolutionizing the way we monitor, sample and manage our water resources. We have designed a range of fully automated products dedicated to the sampling and microbiological and chemical analysis of water, suitable for industrial, urban, recreational and environmental applications.

Measure Water Quality In-Situ



Fluidion analyzers cover a large range of water quality parameters, from water microbiology to multi-parameter chemistry, and are fully operational out-of-the-box. They can operate on battery and are IoT-enabled, transmitting all data wirelessly to our Data Analytics interface for centralized management of monitoring operations.

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ALERT System V2

The ALERT System V2 is an autonomous in-situ analyzer for detecting E.coli and coliforms. Remotely controllable, it provides accurate, real-time water quality data and alerts, simplifying monitoring operations in any aquatic environment.

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The ALERT Lab is a portable, remote-controlled analyzer that measures E.coli and other bacteria. It provides rapid, on-site bacterial enumeration for source water and environmental monitoring in labs or field locations.

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The ALERT One is a compact portable analyzer for measuring bacterial contamination (E.coli, total coliforms, fecal coliforms) in a single sample of drinking or surface water. It works autonomously in any field location, powered from a universal USB-C port.

e Chem V2155


The e-CHEM® Chemical Analyzer is a miniaturized, autonomous system for multi-parameter drinking water analysis using microfluidic technology. It can operate for several weeks in a row on a single battery charge while communicating wirelessly.

Dive into the Deepest Oceans



Fluidion provides a wide range of robust, field-proven water sampling solutions, for environments ranging from surface water to the deep ocean, and covering the full spectrum of water quality applications.


RS-14V Surface Sampler

The RS-14V Surface Sampler is a remotely-controlled surface sampling system for ocean sciences, limnology research, source water testing and environmental monitoring. It has been ETV-verified, and is also available as an OEM product. 


RS-14V OEM Sampler

The RS-14V OEM Sampler is a rugged and compact surface sampling system designed for easy integration on USV platforms or instrumented buoys for oceanographic and limnological research, source water testing and environmental monitoring.

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Coastal Sampler

The Coastal Sampler is a reliable, rugged system for oceanography and limnology research. It enables autonomous, adaptable large-volume sampling, including sediment particles, and is easily controlled and maintained.

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Deep Water Sampler

The FLUIDION Deep Water Sampler is a miniaturized system for deep sea research, compatible with AUV/ROV or gliders. It operates up to 6000m depths, performing pre-programmed or triggered sampling.

Map the Unreachable Waters

Aquatic Drone (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)


Fluidion USV solution can provide rapid pollution assessment and mapping in rivers, reservoirs, lakes and coastal waters. It sends real-time GPS-tagged water quality data in real time, and allows for rapid pollution source identification.


Fluidion Drone

The Fluidion Drone is a versatile, remote-controlled platform for comprehensive water analysis and pollution mapping for complex water studies, in the most challenging environments.

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