Alert One is the world’s first handheld microbiology lab for rapid E.coli quantification in remote locations. It is a rugged field instrument designed for easy operation by minimally trained personnel.

The world's smallest E.coli analyzer

Versatile: The ALERT One can be used anywhere in the world, including the most inaccessible areas, for quantifying E.coli concentrations in any type of water.

Autonomous: Alert One can operate powered from a USB charger or battery pack, performs all detection and quantification protocols internally, and does not require any external infrastructure.

Easy to use: No need to be a rocket scientist to use this device, anyone can be trained in a matter of minutes. Perfect for the microbiology PhD but also for the citizen scientist!


Portable: ALERT One is the world’s first handheld microbiology analyzer ! It can be easily carried in a backpack to a remote field location, is accepted on commercial airplanes, and can be powered even from a vehicle on-the-go.

Fast: ALERT One can provide a quantified response in terms of bacteria/100 mL in as little as 2 hours, with high accuracy validated by numerous side-by-side tests against EPA-approved laboratory methods.

Approved: ALERT One has successfully passed WHO and Unicef verification under the Joint Monitoring Programme, report available upon request.


  • Environmental

    Water, the lifeblood of our planet, requires vigilant protection. The challenge lies in the complexity of monitoring diverse aquatic environments - from small waterways to the vastness of the oceans. What's more, extreme environmental conditions and lack of infrastructure make the task impossible or very costly. That's where advanced technology plays a key role, providing innovative, automated and IoT-connected solutions. These tools provide continuous, accurate data that drives timely and effective strategies to study and protect our waters.

  • Recreational Water

    Natural waters can be a hub for fun, recreation and sports. Ensuring their safety is critical, as microbial contaminants can pose serious public health risks. Traditional water testing methods often struggle to provide timely and continuous monitoring. Implementing advanced, automated technology not only enhances monitoring programs, but also helps to identify and mitigate potential hazards in a timely manner, ensuring that our recreational waters remain safe and enjoyable for all.

  • Drinking Water

    Access to drinking water is a major global issue, supported by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Providing safe drinking water involves a number of steps - collection from groundwater, surface water or recycled sources, treatment and disinfection, storage and distribution. This task is fraught with challenges, especially the need to comply with stringent regulations and the inherent complexity of water treatment processes. New-age automated monitoring technologies are helping to ensure water safety, facilitating real-time analysis and improving decision-making.

  • Agriculture

    Water is a pivotal element of agriculture and must be closely monitored to protect human health, animal welfare and environmental integrity. Bacterial contamination of water can cause illness in humans and animals, significantly impacting food and livestock safety and productivity. In addition, unchecked bacteria can harm the environment by causing algal blooms or fish kills. With a global population expected to reach nearly 10 billion people in 2050, ensuring sustainable agriculture and production is imperative. The use of advanced, automated and IoT-connected microbiological analysis tools enable real-time tracking and prevention, ensuring that our agriculture remains safe, productive, and environmentally friendly.

  • Citizen Science

    New autonomous networked technology enables powerful Citizen Science approaches by providing a user-friendly data-driven solution that integrates instrumentation, communication infrastructure and cloud-based visualization.

Why the ALERT One ?



‣ Ensure drinking water safety with target specific detection as verified by the WHO and Unicef.


‣ Easily carry the ALERT One anywhere you go: your favorite swim hole, your irrigation pond, that amazing lake up in the mountains!


‣ Ensure water safety under all circumstances: in remote locations throughout the world, including in disaster-imacted areas.


‣ Enjoy small: meet ALERT One, the world's only handheld microbiology analyzer, which redefines what small means in water quality instrumentation.


‣ Skip the labor. ALERT One will perform automated incubation, optical monitoring, detection and bacterial quantification in only a few hours (compared with several days for lab).


‣ Simplify logistics. Eliminate the need for sample transport, and minimize errors due to sample degradation.


‣ Trust your data with high accuracy and a repeatability comparable to laboratory methods, proven in numerous side-by-side studies.


‣ Get more from your sample. Not only detection, but full quantification of bacteria levels. In addition, the Fluidion ALERT technology measures not only free-floating bacteria, but also bacteria fractions attached to particles, unlike laboratory MPN or membrane filtration methods.


‣ Respond quickly when a threshold is exceeded with automated alert notifications.




At Fluidion we strongly believe that technology has a key role to play in our strategy toward a sustainable planet. The choice of the ALERT One means a direct approach to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


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