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Water quality is paramount in industrial applications, serving as a foundational element for ensuring product integrity, operational efficiency, and safety. In semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure water is indispensable; even trace contaminants can compromise the function and reliability of microchips or MEMS devices. Similarly, in electroplating, water quality can directly influence the uniformity, adherence, and properties of plated layers. Impurities or inconsistent water quality can lead to defects, reduced product lifespan, or even equipment damage. In food production, water quality not only affects the safety and taste of the final product but also determines the efficiency of processing and the shelf-life of perishable goods. Any contamination can pose health risks to consumers and lead to substantial economic losses for producers. In essence, maintaining optimal water quality is not just a matter of meeting regulatory standards but is also central to the efficacy and economic viability of many industrial processes. Fluidion analyzers can provide accurate real-time data about the chemical and microbiological quality of process waters, but also about the contamination levels of effluents. Their capabilities to operate autonomously and transmit data remotely allows them to be easily installed in any facility with minimal infrastructure requirements, and be operational out-of-the-box.

Related Products

Several Fluidion products are well-adapted for Recreational Water applications, by providing rapid microbiological risk information from instruments with extraordinary ease-of-use, that are fully-automated and perform automatic remote data transmission and archival. Below is a selection of recommended products:

e Chem V2155


The e-CHEM® Chemical Analyzer is a miniaturized, autonomous system for multi-parameter water analysis using lab-on-chip microfluidic technology. It can operate for several weeks in a row on a single battery charge and provides IoT connectivity for remote control and data tranmission.

alert lab transparent


The ALERT Lab is a portable, IoT-connected and remote-controlled analyzer for the measurement of E.coli and other bacteria. It provides rapid, on-site bacterial enumeration for source water and environmental monitoring in labs or field locations.

ALERT V2 header display crop

ALERT System V2

The ALERT System V2 is an autonomous in-situ analyzer for detecting E.coli and coliforms. IoT-connected and remotely controllable, it provides accurate, real-time water quality data and alerts, simplifying monitoring operations in any aquatic environment.

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