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fluidion products are based on a breakthrough innovation combining MEMS and microfluidic technology bricks. They are able to collect and analyze (biological and chemical measurements) multiple individual samples, or perform continuous inline real-time measurements.

ALERT System


The fluidion ALERT System can be installed as a buoy or attached to a structure, and is capable to automatically perform sampling, sample preparation, and data analysis to detect and quantify pathogens present in the water. It sends its data wirelessly and in real time to a central server, which can issue automatic alerts by email or sms. It can be configured for many applications, such as: beach monitoring, upstream of a sensitive zone, in a wastewater or drinking water plant, at an environmental monitoring station, in fresh water as well as seawater. The ALERT System provides a rapide and accurate quantification of E.Coli and total coliforms in-situ in a fully-autonomous fashion. 




ALERT LAB performs the same type of bacterial analysis as the ALERT System, except for the automatic sampling function.  The ALERT LAB is highly portable, works on battery, and can be use in almost any setting: in the trunk of a car, on a beach, in a boat, lab or office. The ALERT LAB can perform up to six independent measurements in parallel, and it sends data in real time to a central server. Automatic alerts can be generated automatically (by e-mail or SMS text message). It allows a rapid and accurate contamination of bacteria present in the sample, particularly: E.Coli, Total Coliforms and Enterococci. 


RS-14V Sampler

RS 14V

fluidion proposes the RS-14V automatic fluid sampler, a connected and submersible instrument which allows the acquisition of fourteen 250mL samples.  The RS-14V is a reliable sampling workhorse for your most diverse applications: impact studies, spill monitoring, storm sampling, tidal events, phytoplankton blooms, and microbiological research.


Deep Water pH Data Logger


The fluidion portable Deep Water pH Data Logger can connect to various gliders, AUV’s, ROV’s, and ARGO-like profilers through a standard high-pressure electrical connector and it communicates via a serial interface. Reliable system deployment is possible to a depth of 2000 m, which makes it ideal choice for deep-water exploration (including Arctic deployment), aquaculture and environmental monitoring.

Deep Water Sampler

Fluidion DeepWaterSampler

The Deep Water Sampler allows the acquisition of up to 16 single-shot or composite samples to depths of 200 meters (shallow), 2400 meters (deep) and 5000 meters (ultra-deep) using miniaturized peristaltic pump (PP) technology. The Deep Water Sampler is specifically designed for installation onto a glider or in the payload bay of an AUV or ROV, and it communicates with the platform via a waterproof cable (RS-232). A first for autonomous underwater vehicles: returning in-situ samples to surface allows for subsequent lab analysis (complete fingerprinting of hydrocarbon traces, full ocean chemistry and biology) and verification of inline sensor measurements.


Chemical Analyzer


FLUIDION ChemicalAnalyzer

The new Chemical Analyzer is a complete microfluidic lab-on-chip that allows complex multi-parameter chemical measurements to be performed in-line in the field. Fully autonomous on a battery charge and operational right out of the box, the Chemical Analyzer requires minimal logistics, allowing immediate data visualisation on client or cloud servers.

Fluidion Drone

DroneImg smlFluidion DRONE is a water quality workhorse, by excellence ! Featuring a certified sampling system as well as a full range of water quality sensors, the DRONE is a unique tool, unsurpassed for performing accurate data collection in any aquatic environment !




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