Open Data Initiative

At Fluidion, we are scientists and also the first end-users of our technology. We use it to generate unique datasets that enable faster. simpler and more accurate data-driven approaches to water quality.


The Fluidion® Open Data Initiative


Fluidion® was founded and is managed by scientists who believe that clean water is essential to our world. We are dedicated to developing automated monitoring solutions that promote a healthier environment and reduce the public health impacts of pollution. As scientists, we prioritize rigorous scientific principles, ensuring the integrity and reliability of our instruments and of our data.


Manual sampling and lab analysis is a time-consuming, costly, and logistically challenging process, resulting in delayed and sparse data that is not useful for early warning systems or managing dynamic pollution events like stormwater runoffs or sewer overflows. These limitations can lead to significant inefficiencies in infrastructure and water management.


We are championing open data approaches. We design our instruments so they can be used everywhere and by anyone. This enables incredibly rich datasets to be generated quickly, and using only a fraction of the cost and manpower required by current laboratory-based approaches. Studies that previously required large laboratories and a team of scientists and trained technicians can now be accomplished by community scientists, generating a wealth of open data that can be used by regulators, utilities, NGOs and by the scientific community.


Available Open Data Sets


Below are some examples of open data initiatives that were led by our scientists or rendered possible by Fluidion technology.


2024 Olympics - Seine Water Quality

A rich dataset exploring water quality in the Seine river in the run-up and during the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Disclaimer and Copyright Notice


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