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Proprietary fluidion technology relies on particular innovations that allow for tailor-made sampling campaigns that become just a mouse click away. The characteristics and technological advantages of fluidion products can be summarized as follows:

  • Autonomy: the technology being passive, sampling is completely autonomous and associated measurements only require minimal electrical input. The system is fully self-contained without need for any external infrastructure or power sources.
  • Automation: the samplers can take several series of independent fluid samples, at predefined time intervals or by external/remote triggering.
  • Versatility: the systems can integrate different commercial sensors or proprietary optical measurement solutions (colorimetry, absorbance and fluorescence) to perform different physical and chemical measurements on each sample. Hundreds of sampling operations and precise measurements can be performed during an automated campaign.
  • Size: the small size of fluidion systems offer excellent portability and easy transport to remote environments or difficult-to-access locations.
  • Resistance: the systems have been specifically designed to operate in extreme environments (high pressure and high temperature), as well as in aggressive/toxic conditions.
  • Ubiquity: our range of products using micro-integrated manufacturing of MEMS devices, allows mass deployment at low cost, for high-resolution monitoring of the environment.


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