fluidion - Technology - Modular architecture

 fluidion technology is based on the following modular architecture:

  • Sampling module: This module acquires samples in vials of volumes ranging from 50 to 250mL depending on the version of the product, and the vial material can be adapted according to the parameters to be measured. It is possible to take up to 16 samples per system. Several systems can be interconnected in a daisy chain configuration in order to increase the number of acquired samples.
  • Sample treatment module: Allows sample filtration, mixing, incubation
  • Analysis module: Once the samples have been recovered, they are isolated in individual vials and a spectrophotometric measurement of the parameters of interest can be performed via proprietary electronics. It is possible to measure microbiological contamination, or to make water quality measurements such as pH, free and total chlorine, phosphates, and nitrites (non-exclusive list). It is also possible to implement measurement protocols with multiple steps and preconcentration or pretreatment steps on a single sample, thus facilitating additional lab-type measurements.
  • Wireless telemetry module: This module allows communication and remote operation of the fluidion system. It enables starting a sampling campaign either at regular time intervals or by remote activation. The module also allows measurement results to be sent to the client's data systems or to a dedicated web server, allowing real-time visualization online. fluidion products can also be integrated with third party systems or sensors and thus sampling can be automatically activated by one of these external triggers.
  • Smartphone communication module: Allows direct smartphone-based operation, via natural language
  • Data visualisation module: Allows data visualisation and download from our servers, via a 100% secure connection

By providing an automated and repeatable sampling procedure, fluidion products virtually eliminate human error during sampling campaigns.


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