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EIN fluidionDevelopment of a novel hybrid pH sensor for deployment on autonomous profiling platform 

Fluidion presented at the IEEE Oceans 2019,conference in Marseille. The technical article fpcuses on the latest results from the collaboration with the LOCEAN laboratory in Sorbonne University, focusing on the development of a new generation of ocean pH sensors for measuring acidification.Available here or by written request.


EIN fluidionAutonomous system for rapid in situ quantification of bacterial quality of wastewater a performance report of the Fluidion « ALERT » system

A scientific article by Fluidion in collaboration with the Wastewater Authority of the larger Paris SIAAP (Syndicat d'Assainissement de l'Agglomération Parisienne), focusing on the use of ALERT rapid microbiology instrumentation for wastewater measurements in all treatment processes . A new measurement protocole allows covering the full concentration range, from influent to treated efluent, with an accuracy similar to the laboratory. Available here and by written request.



EIN fluidionRapid E.coli Quantification with Field Portable Devices aroun d UK Bathing Sites

This article focuses on work performed  by Fluidion in collaboration with the UK Environment Agency, focusing on using portable ALERT units to quantify E.coli bacteria around bathing sites, and on the usage of this technology for locating and eliminating hidden pollution sources..  Available here.


weftec2018"An In Situ Autonomous Bacterial Pathogen Sensor for Water Quality and Environmental Monitoring Applications" was just release in the proceedings of the Weftec conference in New Orleans, the reference conference related to water and environmental applications in the US.  Available here, or by written request.

IoW fluidion

"Rapid Microbiology Field Instrumentation: Source Tracking in Sensitive Areas" was recently published in the Institute of Water Magazine (Q3, p. 86, 2018). This study, performed by the UK Environment Agency, presents an excellent example of operational usage of ALERT technology by the Agency in order to identify pollution sources on the beaches and rivers arouns Scarborough. Available here, or by written request.

fld JAM 2018

"Autonomous system for rapid field quantification of E. coli in surface waters" : A scientific article recently published by fluidion in collaboration with SIAAP (the Paris wastewater agency) in the well-respected Journal of Applied Microbiology (doi: 10.1111/jam.14066). It presents the ALERT E.coli quantification technology, focusing specifically on its metrological validation through side-by-side comparison using most probable number (MPN) techniques, and on applications related to rapid in-site monitoring in diverse fresh water matrices. Available here, or by written request.

EIN fluidionA new scientific article from fluidion, in collaboration with the SIAAP (Paris Wastewater agency), published in the Eau Industrie Nuisances magazine No.399, p.81 (2017), focused on the validation of ALERT technology for microbiological monitoring in surface fresh waters. Available here, or by written request.


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