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RS 14V

fluidion proposes the RS-14V automatic fluid sampler, a connected and submersible instrument which allows the acquisition of fourteen 250mL samples.  The RS-14V is a reliable sampling workhorse for your most diverse applications: impact studies, spill monitoring, storm sampling, tidal events, phytoplankton blooms, and microbiological research.

The RS-14V model collects samples in the harshest environments and under the most unforgiving weather conditions. The sampler is highly resilient, resists shocks and severe outdoor exposure, can float on water or be submersed. It can be used near shore, attached to a buoy or deployed from a vessel and can be triggered on demand from a cell phone or a secure web interface. You can also easily pre-program time series samples from a cell phone or computer USB port, or use the automatic triggering from external sensors (optional).

The samples can be collected in containers made of glass (standard), plastic or metal (optional), depending on the parameters to be analyzed. Deploying multiple samplers at different positions or depths allows the 4D mapping of an underwater pollution plume, which can provide a better understanding of the leak extent and impact, and lead to faster and better response decisions.

The RS-14V only requires simple maintenance in the field. With exceptional battery autonomy, the RS-14V can be deployed for extended periods of time – from 6 weeks to 2 years, which can drastically improve the reach of your sampling campaigns.


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