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FLUIDION pH DataLogger

The fluidion portable Deep Water pH Data Logger is a smart sensor that can connect to various gliders, AUV’s, ROV’s, and ARGO-like profilers through a standard high-pressure electrical connector and it communicates via a serial protocol. The sensor implements automatic temperature and pressure corrections, using internal sensors. Reliable system deployment is possible to a depth of 2000 m, which makes it ideal choice for deep-water exploration (including Arctic deployment), aquaculture and environmental monitoring.

With a low energy consumption mode, the system boasts excellent autonomy for long-term glider/AUV and profiler deployments. Field maintenance and calibration between campaigns can be performed through a simple procedure allowing for quick redeployment, enabling the user to concentrate on the mission objective rather than on equipment details. The unit can be easily programmed and controlled via a simple serial communication protocol.

The Deep Water pH Data Logger also comes with fluidion’s proprietary user interface which enables data visualisation, simplifies the calibration procedures, and implements data correction for temperature and salinity variations during the deployment.



     DWPh datasheet



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