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The Deep Water Sampler allows the acquisition of up to 16 single-shot or composite samples to depths of 200 meters (shallow), 2400 meters (deep) and 5000 meters (ultra-deep) using miniaturized peristaltic pump (PP) technology. The Deep Water Sampler is specifically designed for installation onto a glider or in the payload bay of an AUV or ROV, and it communicates with the platform via a waterproof cable (RS-232). A first for autonomous underwater vehicles: returning in-situ samples to surface allows for subsequent lab analysis (complete fingerprinting of hydrocarbon traces, full ocean chemistry and biology) and verification of inline sensor measurements.

With a power-down/sleep mode that allows minimal power consumption, the Deep Water Sampler can be deployed for extended periods. Only simple maintenance and conditioning is required between sampling campaigns for quick redeployment. It can be easily programmed and controlled through a serial protocol or using the software interface, which allows the option of pre-programmed samples, or real-time triggered (adaptive) sampling as directed by the AUV or by inline sensor data.

Photo is not contractual - each system requires custom adaptations to the specific AUV / ROV / Glider platform.

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