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The microbiology ALERT system is an in-situ analyzer that is able to measure E.Coli and Total Coliforms near drinking water intakes, in surface waters (lakes and rivers), near fishing or swimming areas as well as at wastewater plant outflows.

The ALERT system is the only instrument that is capable to perform automatically, in situ, the sample collection and microbiological analysis operations, and to send data and alerts in real time! It can be installed in no time, and requires only a minimum of maintenance. It can float (e.g. attached to a buoy), or can be installed in any facility. It works in all environments and under all weather conditions, without needing external power. And it can be controlled remotely and wirelessly via a smartphone or a web interface!

  • Are you a municipality that is concerned about local water quality?
  • Do you suspect fecal contamination of your source or drinking water?
  • Do you manage swimming, fishing or aquaculture facilities, and are worried such contamination?
  • You want to reassure your clients about your proactive stance on water quality?
  • Are you managing a potable water or wastewater plant?

In this case, come see us ! We would be glad to show you how the ALERT System can help in your specific case. 


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