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November 2015

The lab on a chip

The OpticsValley newsletter "Lumière" describes in its Novembre 2015 issue the new emerging technologies for monitoring water and the environment. The article Des laboratoires sur puce pour des fonctionnalités multipliées (Lab on chip systems for increased functionality) focuses on several asects related to the miniaturisation of analysis systems, presented by several field experts including Dan Angelescu, fluidion CEO. The differents products proposed by fluidion for water and environmental monitoring are highlighted in the article.
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October 2014

An issue of planetary importance

The Marine Technology Newspresents the X-Prize competition, and the global impact of ocean acidification, citing the competition sponsor, Ms. Wendy Schmidt:  “Ocean acidity is a serious threat we are only beginning to understand,” said ocean philanthropist Wendy Schmidt. “It could have significant ecological and societal implications, changing the health of entire ecosystems, affecting the global economy and the biodiversity of the planet.”

Original solutions

fluidion competes in the X-PRIZE competition with its patented technology allowing automated field sensor calibrations, which enables laboratory-precision measurements to be performed in-situ. Paul Bunje, the competition Director, positively appreciated the variety of proposed technologies: “The wide range of technologies submitted for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is really exciting, especially the nontraditional approaches. Many teams are using new methods and materials, such as nanotechnology, while others are adapting techniques commonly used in other industries.”

September 2014

fluidion, the Paris team

The CNET site, most prominent internet high-technology forum, notes the presence of fluidion within the X-PRIZE competition, among a varied group of world-level industrial and academic competitors: "The 18 teams come from six countries and 11 US states and range from a group of teenagers from Seaside, Calif., to a San Diego outfit developing sensors embedded in surfboards. Others include a team from the Paris, France-based tech startup fluidion, which specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies, engineering of sensors for extreme environments, and deep-water operations; an Austrian team of students and faculty from Graz University of Technology's Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry; and others."

A real technological challenge

fluidion was selected among the few teams that were allowed to compete, after an initial eliminatory phase, continues CNET: "[...]77 teams initially entered the Wendy Schmidt prize. But because of the high bar for qualifying for the competition, including providing highly technical documentation and convincing Bunje and his fellow judges the entrants could actually build what they proposed, that number was slashed to 18 teams with a total of 21 different entries[...]"

October 2013

Fluidion, analysis systems for water quality

"fluidion proposes to offer fast and reliable solutions to respond to the problematics of public health and natural and biological ecosystems monitoring. The company currently develops fluid sampling systems in particular for water. Analyzing water quality, in fact, requires specific procedures. “In order to obtain reliable results that are representative of the environment, you have to sample at specific locations at different moments on the same day." To date, sampling in natural settings is done manually. This requires very complex human logisitics. “What we propose[...] is an autonomous and automatized system, which considerably simplifies the sampling procedures and subsequent in-lab analysis.", adds the scientist."


February 2013

Smart ideas for a sustainable city

"fluidion a young start-up based in Eastern Paris, laureate of the 2012 French Research Ministry Start-Up Prize, has developed a technology enabling automtic sampling for environmental monitoring of water basins, rivers or sea water without electrical consumption. This device will be tested in the Essonne River in a few weeks time, and the commercial product should be ready by this summer. This shows that the national water market is not only dominated by a few historical leaders (Veolia, Suez Environnement), but that there is also space for innovative entrepreneurs."


January 2013

Contract Research Companies: growth engines for startups

"The ASRC has awarded  the "Innovation Challenge Prize" to fluidion during the Meetinnov Convention. [...] Thanks to the ASRC Prize, we have had the opportunity to work with the company ADENEO in order to develop a revolutionary technology that enables water quality and environmental monitoring in urban and natural settings."

July 2012

Renewable energies, green chemistry and sensors seem more and more attractive to start-ups

"Each year, the results of the National French Research Ministry Start-Up Competition serve as a barometer for different industrial and technological sectors. This year, the indicator is rather positive for the eco-activities, in the continuity of previous years. [...] One interesting projet concerns the detection and quantification of pollutants in water via an innovative passive sampling technology that enables to take water samples with controlled periodicity (fluidion project in partnership with ESIEE Paris)"

February 2012

An alternative to existing technologies

"With strong skills in microsystems, microtechnologies, microfluidics and microsensors, fluidion has developed a patented technology offering the possibility of mass production at low cost, in order to address the issues of several markets such as pollution monitoring in natural settings (lakes, rivers) or water quality control from water production plants to purification stations."

January 2012

fluidion develops a passive on-chip sampling technology

"Our technology has the advantage of being non-invasive: it can connect itself to already existing devices" states Dan Angelescu. The researcher aims to commercialize his systems on the different segments of the water quality market: from water production plants, to the distribution network, treatment plans and environmental monitoring in natural settings.

January 2012

Passive On-Chip Sampling

"The clepsydra, or antique water clock, has inspired Dan Angelescu for his passive sampling technology. « A liquid under the influence of a certain pressure progresses at a controlled flowrate in a capillary and fills a first cavity. This pressure is then applied to a first membrane, and then to a second one, that breaks, thus allowing the sample to be taken. It's a simple concept, but it's new. », explains the researcher specialized in microtechnologies".

November 2011

Marne-la-Vallée, new technology cluster for sustainable city development

"The Descartes incubator was designed to receive and support the creation of start-ups spinning off from academic research laboratories, and was established 15 years ago at the Cité Descartes in Eastern Paris. This incubator has now welcomed the start-up fluidion, based on the research work of Dan Angelescu, professor and researcher at the School of Engineering, ESIEE Paris."



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