fluidion - News - OpticsValley presentation

November 27, 2015


fluidion will give an invited talk presenting its technologies at the 2015 OpticsValley seminar: "The water problem in the City: photonic solutions". Dan Angelescu's presentation will take place at the headquarters of IBM France at 17 Avenue de l'Europe, 92275 Bois-Colombes. Here's is the summary of the fluidion presentation:

The use of microsensors to monitor water quality - using either MEMS or microfluidic technologies and ofter based on optical measurements - has seen a great leap forward in the past years. The sensors and measurement systems are now turning into connected objects, and clients expect an economical system which is not only miniaturized but also highly accurate, remotely controllable, capable to send data wirelessly, and with no (or with a minimum amount of) maintenance. However, the environment creates a number of very difficult issues for such sensors: variable climate conditions (temperature and humidity), lack of electricity, various types of contamination (mineral deposits, biofilm, algae etc.), which result in measurement drift in the long term. We will describe the issues, as well as certain solutions that we, and others, have implemented to enable reliable deployment of connected optical and microfluidic sensors for monitoring water quality and the environment.  




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