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March 8, 2018

Seminar 2018

The UK environment agency will organize a technical workshop on March 8 at the Environment Agency National Laboratory in Reading, titled: "Demonstrating novel rapid bacterial monitoring techniques using Fluidion's ALERT E. Coli System, in collaboration with the Environment Agency National Laboratory Service Instrumentation Team". 

The workshop will focus on the latest in-situ and portable instrumentation for rapid E.Coli measurements, and on results of recent investigations performed by the Environment Agency using Fluidion's ALERT instruments. Scientific validation of the results and case studies will be presented and discussed. Topics will include proactive bathing beach management, monitoring of coastal rivers, wastewater plant outflows and their relationship to environmental baseline measurements. Operational instruments will be available with hands-on demonstrations and practical field deployment examples. Measurements will be performed in real time during the workshop on actual environmental samples, and data will be presented, explored and analysed through the secure Fluidion cloud data interface.

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